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Our Victorian Elegance Jewelry includes many features that are exclusive to our designs and allow us to provide the highest standards in quality and customer satisfaction. Our features provide you greater ability to creatively personalize and customize your jewelry.

Adjustable Necklaces

Distinctive Accents




Adjustable Necklaces

We have created our necklaces so that they can be adjusted to fit any neck or neckline. They can be made longer with extenders and temporarily shorter when you follow the instructions below. This makes our jewelry much more versatile and allows you to be able to wear our jewelry with any outfit and in any season.

Necklace Extenders

Why should I use a Necklace Extender?
Necklace Extenders lengthen your necklaces up to 4 inches so they fit every outfit in any season and any size. Some of our customers use two at a time to make a necklace up to 8 inches longer. With the use of a necklace extender, any of our necklaces look great on turtle-neck sweaters as well as open neck dresses. To purchase extenders, see the Necklace Extender section in our Boutique.

How do I use a Necklace Extender?
Take the clasp of the necklace extender and attach it to the non-clasp end of the necklace. Then take the clasp of the necklace and hook it anywhere in the extender chain you want for the length you need.

We have Necklace Extenders available in Victorian Black, Victorian Brass, Victorian Silver, Sterling Silver and 14k Gold-Filled Medals.

Shortening a Necklace

If the necklace is too long, how do I make it shorter?
Most of our longer necklaces are made to be adjusted shorter. Welcome to shortening lesson 101:
  1. If you want to shorten it a little bit, hook the clasp of the necklace down the chain on the opposite side.
  2. If you want to shorten it a lot, put the necklace around your neck and pull it up to where you want to wear it. Then pinch both sides of the chain together at the back of your neck. Holding the chain where you've pinched it, bring the chain at the back around front (the pendant will go to the back). Looking in the mirror take the clasp of the necklace and first hook it into the chain on it's own side where you've pinched it; then, in addition, hook the clasp into the chain on the other side as well. Once the clasp is hooked into both sides, swing the chain around back and the pendant to the front. This makes your necklace as short as you want it and keeps the front centered. Note that this applies to our longer necklaces, not the ones that come in a length of 16" or less.

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Distinctive Accents

We believe in the distinction and quality of our jewelry. We hope you enjoy the accents that we take the time to add to our jewelry. These accents allow the jewelry to look beautiful no matter how it moves while wearing it, and also provide you with increased quality and value.

Adornment at the end of the chain

We put a decorative accent at the end of the chain of each necklace so that when you shorten it you have a decoration down your back instead of a bare chain. The accent at the back of the chain is a surprise - it can be different on each necklace or piece of jewelry. (see photos for examples)

Victorian Embellishment on back

On many of our Blackened, Victorian Brass, Victorian Silver and Sterling Silver pieces, we finish the back of the pendant as well as the front. After all, pendants turn when you wear them and we want you looking gorgeous whatever direction your jewelry faces. The back of our pendants is a surprise - it may be different on each piece of jewelry. (see photos for examples)

Decoration on both sides of chain

We make the side metal accent pieces with two fronts put together so there is always a design showing when they turn, like our pendants. (see photos for examples)

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Collections by Style: Classic, Delicate & Dynamic

We have done our best to make shopping for Victorian Elegance Jewelry a more personalized and versatile experience. By creating categories for shopping, we hope we have made it easy to locate what you Want or Need from our Complete Collection to Bridal, Evening Elegance, New & Essential, Plus Size, Teens, and Themes. Be sure to check all the sub-categories in each section. Simply put your mouse over each of these shopping sections on the home page top navigation bar, and the sub-categories appear.

Austrian Crystal has been broken apart even more to make it easy to shop by Style with the following sub-categories:

  • Classic - for the classic, professional person who wants a bit of a statement, but not a lot.
  • Delicate - for those that are young at heart and like a delicate statement.
  • Dynamic - for the bold person that wants to make a statement with their jewelry.

To start shopping in the category of your choice go to our Boutique.

Mixing and Matching

We have chosen to use Austrian Crystal, glass and semi-precious stones in most of our pieces because it offers more versatility and quality than plastic.

Try this exercise for fun: When you get a new piece of Victorian Elegance Jewelry hold it loosely in your hand with the front facing you and gently drape it across the different clothes hanging in your closet. We are continually amazed at how the colors in one piece of jewelry can look so different when draped on all the different colors of our, or our customer's, wardrobes. It's a mixing and matching education. Have fun being creative.

Also, remember the value of extenders. They allow our shorter necklaces to be worn on turtle-necks and other sweaters as well as open necklines. Our necklaces look great on them.

Basics That Go with Everything

We have made sure to include in our line many styles in basic black, clear and aurora borealis (rainbow) jewelry. You can easily create sets that go with everything for everyday casual, business and elegant evenings. Make sure to check the Fashion Essential area in the New & Essential section. Plus, you can sort in our Shopping Boutique by color. If you're looking for something in basic black click on Search. Type in the color you want and enter. You'll receive a list of all our items in that color to check out. When you get to the large detail photo of each item, you get a list of related items below the description. This allows you to easily find earrings to match necklaces and visa-versa. This will make it easy to create your basics that go with everything.

Related Items to Coordinate Your Jewelry

We know many of you like to coordinate sets for different outfits. To assist you with this we have put related items for each piece of jewelry right below the large detail photo of each individual piece of jewelry. This provides you with earrings to match necklaces, necklaces to match earrings, extenders if you need -- just one click away. Make sure you look below each of the detail photos of pieces you like so you can easily choose from our entire selection of matching items. To coordinate your newest set, go to any of our shopping categories on the top navigation bar.

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Swarovski Austrian Crystal - the world's leading manufacturer of cut crystal

Daniel Swarovski invented an automatic glass cutting machine at the end of the 19th Century, and opened the door to a world of precision cut crystal never available before. Swarovski has been making the best cut crystal for jewelry ever since, for over 150 years. The sparkle is unbeatable. We, at Victorian Elegance Jewelry, and our customers love sparkle. So, we choose the best and use it in many of our designs.

To see all the colors available on the site in Austrian Crystal you can look at our Color Chart and then search by the color you want by going to Search. If you want to know the Austrian Crystal color that fits any particular birthstone, go to our Birthstones Color Chart and then search for that color by going to Search.

Our Unique Craftsmanship, Artistry and Design

We have been creating jewelry for over 18 years. We are continuously looking for ways to enhance the craftsmanship and beauty of our jewelry.

Our Sterling Silver designs are hand created from start to finish. We begin by designing vintage style molds, and each piece is hand cast and finished. We select the finest components our suppliers offer to craft our Antique Brass, Blackened and Silver pieces.

Jewelry shifts and turns while it is being worn. Your jewelry should look nice from every angle and both sides. We add extra features into our designs to make sure this happens. See examples in Distinctive Accents above on this page.

We have created artistic styles to fit all tastes. We are confident you will find beautiful jewelry whether you like delicate pieces to wear everyday, classic and professional jewelry, or knock-out elegant evening wear.

Our artists have created jewelry to fit the very important special occasions in life, like weddings, anniversaries, proms, homecoming, birthdays and more.

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Elegance with a Victorian Flair

We pride ourselves in creating jewelry that ranges from simple to evening wear, and brings out your feminine and elegant spirit. The Victorian Era was very feminine and flowing. So we bring that Victorian feeling into much of our jewelry. We branch into other eras as well, and promise to include the femininity and elegance that is characteristic of our line into the feeling of each era we bring to you.

Legacy of Quality in Materials and Craftsmanship

Victorian Elegance Jewelry has been dedicated to offering you high quality jewelry for over 18 years.

Many of our designs incorporate metal pieces that are cast from antique molds by suppliers we trust. These metal pieces are then plated to our specifications, ensuring both quality and alignment with traditional and current fashion trends.

To enhance the jewelry's sparkle, we use Swarovski Austrian Crystal, known world wide as the leading manufacturer of high quality cut crystal. We carefully select our pearls and semi-precious stones to ensure color and shape uniformity.

Our designers and craftsmen are dedicated to producing beautiful jewelry that lasts a lifetime. In house, we are constantly sharing new ideas, refining our techniques and evaluating the workmanship of our jewelry. Our dedication to quality ensures that Victorian Elegance Jewelry will continue it's legacy and tradition of excellence, quality and versatility.


Simply put, you can count on us for high quality jewelry and superb customer service. Many of our customers have repeatedly purchased jewelry from us over the years. Their words and actions illustrate the lasting quality of our jewelry, their trust in us, and our dedication to supporting our customers. Please refer to the Customer Gallery for stories and comments from our customers.

Having a client ask us for advice and ideas is a great compliment and shows that they value the support we offer. Whether it is finding that exquisite piece for your magic moment, outfitting your wedding party, or finding the special gift for a loved one, we will do our best to support you in selecting and wearing Victorian Elegance Jewelry.

Personalized Service

We believe each customer is important and we want you to be happy. We have done our best to answer any questions you might have while purchasing from us. We have included frequently asked questions and their answers in the FAQ section on our website. If you still have a question, please give us a call or email. We believe the valuable information we have provided will contribute to the ease of your shopping experience and the life of your jewelry.

We want all our customers to be customers for life. Let us know what we have done that's great and also, how we can make Victorian Elegance better for you. Thanks for your input.

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Customer Support: alluring@winning.com  (303) 439-0261