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A Tradition of Excellence


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Our Promise & Gift to You

Our Staff

A Tradition Of Excellence

At Victorian Elegance Jewelry we have been providing elegant fashion jewelry since 1986. We pride ourselves on a continuous reputation of high quality and craftsmanship, unique designs and superb customer service.

Our History
Our Founder, Kim Conrad, began making jewelry with her mother and sister when she was 10 years old. They were working on a budget and wanted more sparkling jewelry than they could afford to buy. So, they went to the bead store and had fun creating all kinds of fashion jewelry. Twenty years later, in 1986, Victorian Elegance Jewelry was born.

Kim Conrad Designs, now known as Victorian Elegance Jewelry, began in 1986 exhibiting at smaller art and craft shows. The business has now evolved to where Victorian Elegance Jewelry is appearing at some of the finest juried art, craft and trade shows in the western United States. To see our schedule, go to Show Schedule.

Then in 2000, at the request of our customers, Victorian Elegance Jewelry became available on the web to All lovers of Victorian Fashion Jewelry. All of us at Victorian Elegance Jewelry hope you enjoy wearing it as much as we enjoy creating it. Thank you for helping make our dream become one of yours.

Our Design Materials
We use a wide variety of the finest quality materials in our jewelry: Swarovski Austrian Crystal, Czech Glass, semi-precious stones and pearls. Our metals include 14K gold-filled, Sterling Silver, Victorian Brass, Victorian Blackened and Victorian Silver.

Swarovski Austrian Crystal
Swarovski crystal is the finest cut crystal made for jewelry in the world. Daniel Swarovski's company became the world leader in cut crystal when, in 1895, he invented a machine designed specifically to cut glass. Glass cutting, up to this time, had only been done by hand. His new machine brought the creation of cut crystal to a fine art. Swarovski had created a way to mass produce high quality cut crystal for the first time.

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Over the years, Kim Conrad Designs and Victorian Elegance Jewelry have received many awards and recognition. We are proud of our accomplishments and wish to share them with you.

  • Advanced Certification from Gemological Institute of America
  • Featured Jewelry in several television shows, most recently "Sunset Beach" 1998-2000
  • Feature in the LA Time Santa Monica Evening Outlook and "Studio 13" a television program featuring LA entrepreneurs.
  • Craftsman's Village juried Arts and Craft's show, Orange County Fair, CA: Best of Show, 2000, Best of Theme - 1999, Best of Show - 1998.
  • Harvest Festival, CA: Selected as "A local Artist for Promotion" - 1995, 1996.
  • Los angels County Fair: Best of Show - 2000
  • Orange County Fair: Best Use of Theme - 2002

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Contact Us

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 580
Broomfield, CO 80038-0580

Phone: 303-439-0261
Fax: 303-265-9321

Email: alluring@winning.com

Business Hours: Monday-Friday, 9A-5P Mountain Standard Time

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Our Promise & Gift To You

Our Mission is:
To increase the experience of elegance and beauty in the world by providing uniquely feminine jewelry designed to enhance the elegance in every woman.

We offer all sizes and styles to make elegant adornment available to all women. You will find our jewelry to be unique treasures of outstanding quality that we deliver with superb customer service and a warm heart.

Have FUN experiencing the Elegance and Romance of the Victorian Era in jewelry that looks stunning, feels good and accents your beauty. A few select samples are shown at the top of this page with many more styles available in our Victorian Elegance Boutique.

We want you to know that you, our customers, are gifts to us - angels to our lives and our business and we do our best to be angels to you. Many of you have enjoyed one of Kim's poems about angels. We offer these thoughts as our blessing and tribute to you, our customer.

The Angel
The person who opens the door for you, who gives you a smile when you need it
And hugs are free.
One who imparts a belief in you when you are low on that yourself.
A helping hand, a kind heart, with no requirement for return
Except to enjoy the gift that they are giving
They are the nourishment that feeds the soul
That gives you life, that carries you through.

I have also found an angel inside of me.
One who lifts me up when I'm down and laughs with me when I'm up.
When I have wallowed in pain it has gotten lost
So I must not forget to listen,
And know that there is often a wisdom in things beyond what I can see today
And trust that that little piece of God inside of me is a very worthy compass
Even though it may not make sense in the moment.
That life has a course and I am in it.
To execute the roles given to me the best I can
And know that truly being and doing the best I can is good enough.

Blessings to all of you - Kim Conrad
Copyright 1992-2003 Kim Conrad Designs All Rights Reserved

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Hello from some of us at Victorian Elegance Jewelry. We have other helpful elves that are part of our support staff that are on call to make sure your jewelry is done right and on time. We all send you our sincerest best wishes and thank you for helping our dream become one of yours.

Hello from Kim:
Kim ConradWelcome to Victorian Elegance Jewelry. A wonderland of romantically delicate and dynamic jewelry flavors for all tastes, all seasons and all reasons. I love expressing elegance in romantic jewelry because it compliments everyone and never goes out of style. I've enjoyed designing and creating this kind of jewelry for more than 16 years and sharing it with the public not only at trade shows, but on stage, in TV, and in movies as well. At the request of many of my customers I am excited to finally be bringing this kind of jewelry to you on the web while continuing to share it with you at shows. You can find a list of these events on our Show Schedule page. I'm thrilled to be able to offer my designs to you on the web as well as those of other gifted designers. I look forward to sharing our creations with you and you sharing your enhanced feelings of elegance, joy and romance with the rest of your world.
Kim Conrad

Hello from Jill:
Have you ever thought about what you really love to do? Some of those things are all together in one package; design, jewelry, and photography. Several years ago I had the good fortune of meeting Kim Conrad and Victorian Elegance Jewelry (thanks Kat!). I was drawn to Kim's integrity, and her passion for designing unique and exquisite jewelry. When I saw her line of jewelry, I, like her customers, was convinced that once you see it, you have to own it. I have been photographing Kim's jewelry for the website, I get to enjoy each piece as I capture it's beauty and uniqueness in photos. I have the pleasure of offering you the opportunity to "see it" as well on the Internet. And after you see it, you'll find your favorite pieces that you will enjoy for years to come.

Hello from Diane:
Let's be honest - I am a jewelry snob. For me, jewelry is a personal expression, and I am VERY selective as to the jewelry I wear. Working for Victorian Elegance Jewelry is like being in heaven! Given the diversity of jewelry we offer, I am able to find eye-enticing pieces that turn heads and subtle pieces that whisper beauty. Yet, the greatest joy is creatively working with our customers to find that special piece that speaks their heart to the world. When you wear our romantic and timeless jewelry, my wish is that you and those around you experience joy, beauty and fun!

Hello from Keith:
I have worked for Victorian Elegance Jewelry for many years creating some of Kim's unique jewelry designs and special orders. Kim has patiently watched me grow in my talents and confidence. The company is very supportive and encourages creativity. I take pride in my work and the quality that we deliver. There's nothing like hearing that someone really liked a special piece. It makes my work more than just assembling. We create a great experience all around. It's been fun, hard work and very rewarding.

Hello from Kathryn:
I was shopping for Christmas gifts when I first saw Kim's beautiful jewelry and I knew I was in trouble. I circled her cart 3 times that day telling myself "I'm shopping for others, not myself." Luckily, Kim sensed my strong desire, and shared that the holidays can be more fun if you make it a time of giving to yourself, as well as others. Then she offered me a part-time job and I immediately accepted. It's the best way to "support my habit" of Victorian jewelry. Every time I wear a piece I'm always complimented, and that says it all about the quality of Victorian Elegance Jewelry. Now I've moved away and share Kim's jewelry through the website with everyone who sees and admires my extensive collection. Thanks Kim, for sharing your heart and beauty with the world.
Kathryn (Kat)

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Customer Support: alluring@winning.com  (303) 439-0261  

Customer Support: alluring@winning.com  (303) 439-0261